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Baalberith Volume One

Purchase Volume 1 regular edition with 48 pages in glorious B and W for only $6 plus media mail shipping $4. Get this amazing horror anthology today. Horror Awaits you today!

Baalberith Volume Two

Purchase Volume 2 regular edition with 36 pages in glorious B and W for only $6 plus media mail shipping $4. Get the awesome variant for Volume 2 Variant edition Shawn McManus wrap around cover with 36 pages in glorious – B and W $10 plus media mail shipping $4.


My pricing listed is for artwork exected on 11 x 17 Bristol Board. For special requests, more elaborate commissions, or inking over another artists pencils.

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About Me

I’ve been a comic book artist for 38 years, having worked for both Marvel and DC comics on the likes of The X Men and Spider Man to Batman and The Justice League. There are almost 1000 comics that list my name in the credits and 12,000 pages that bear my ink lines on them.


This is my current convention schedule. I am looking forward to seeing each and everyone one of you at the next show. Please do come by and see me.


Presenting past and present artwork. These are just random items from my current and past work. If your are interested in any, please let me know

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Reach out to me today either by email or the contact form. Let me know what you are seeking and will be glad to help with your special commission.

Ever wanted and original piece of art? You can now own one. Contact me to get a commission!

Banana Tail

Lavishly illustrated in a beautiful CGI style reminiscent of Pixar and Dreamworks animated films, Banana Tail’s Colorful Adventure promotes the virtues of honesty and friendship in a gentle manner that even the youngest of readers will understand.

Combat Jacks

COMBAT JACKS is my new creator-owned project is a story about living, monsterous Jack O’ Lanterns indigenous to another planet seemed like a natural place to go for a fun sci fi/ horror project.

The Tomb of Baalberith

The Tomb of Baalberith volume 1 and 2 encompasses the multi-leveled talent of a core group of artists that don’t necessarily work in a physical studio. Thanks to the digital age, we can virtually unite to address queries and offer our artistic services through this unique horror book.

I will post (as often as I can) random thoughts and items from me to you. Please enjoy and can click on the video to comment

Past/Present Artwork

What Others Say About My Art

“I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of Mark Mckenna.”

“I will recommend you to my colleagues. It’s really wonderful.”

“Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results.”

“Really good. I can’t say enough about Mark Mckenna. I use Mark Mckenna often. Mark Mckenna is worth much more than I paid.”.