twenty two Juanita “Princess” Sanchez – Season ten Occurrence 14

twenty two Juanita “Princess” Sanchez – Season ten Occurrence 14

Among Maggie’s people from the woman journeys, Elijah arrived along with her up on her go back but not before protecting Gabriel regarding Whisperers. Illustrated by Okea Eme-Akwari, Elijah try recognizable because of the his hitting cover up and his unbelievable attacking skills.

Eccentric and you may bold in her yellow tresses and you will blurred pink jacket, Little princess, played by the Paola Lazaro, try found of the Ezekiel, Eugene, and you will Yumiko and you can inserted her or him. While she had into Yumiko’s anxiety and went him or her with the a great minefield, Princess ultimately claimed the woman more than.

21 Virgil – Season ten Episode 8

After preserving Luke’s life, Virgil was utilized in Oceanside trying to inexpensive a boat to “get back to their loved ones.” Played by Kevin Carroll, Virgil had stayed towards an island sanctuary along with provided Michonne there with the vow regarding guns. Virgil had lied many an excellent got come from appointment your, given that Michonne managed to get a hold of a clue to help you Rick still getting real time.

20 Lydia – 12 months nine Occurrence 9

The newest Whisperers’ leader’s child, Lydia, portrayed by the Cassady McClincy, kept her individuals to getting that have Henry plus the most other survivors immediately following realizing their mother’s punishment and you can modifications. Lydia happens to be a member of Alexandria while the Henry’s dying and you may happens to be like a daughter so you’re able to Daryl.

19 Rick “R.J.” Grimes Jr. – 12 months 9 Occurrence 6

Prior to Rick Grimes’ disappearance and you may thought death, the guy and you may Michonne turned expecting and you will she gave delivery during the time-forget in the exact middle of Year 9. Named for their dad, R.J., played of the Antony Azor, was 7 yrs old into the 12 months ten and you can isn’t involved with most of the action.

18 Yumiko – Season nine Event 5

Previously an unlawful defense attorneys, Eleanor Matsuura’s Yumiko was a person in sites de rencontres pour amis d’animaux what was labeled as Magna’s category that had arrive at Alexandria in the event the neighborhood had a strict isolationist plan. Yumiko turned a chief inside her proper and also started a romance having Magna.

17 Magna – Year nine Occurrence 5

An incredibly doubtful and you may untrusting lady, Magna, played by the Nadia Hilker, try the top of small fraction away from survivors you to generated property from the Hilltop inside 12 months 9. She’s a combatant and very devoted to those away from the lady class. Magna and you can Yumiko first started relationship but at some point called some thing away from.

sixteen Luke – 12 months nine Occurrence 5

A music professor and you will fairly skilled which have a great serrated mace, Luke ‘s the solitary male survivor away from Magna’s group. Starred of the Dan Fogler, Luke thinks regarding significance of beauty and you may art, especially in an article-apocalyptic globe.

15 Kelly – Season nine Event 5

Connie’s young sis, Kelly can often be an enthusiastic ASL interpreter on her behalf sis due to the fact Connie is deaf on account of a genetic disorder. Sooner or later, Kelly, starred by the Angel Idea, learned that she as well was dropping this lady reading.

14 Connie – Seasons nine Occurrence 5

Connie are an effective deaf lady, regardless if she seems that it is this lady superpower, because she actually is more equipped to handle herself against walkers otherwise almost every other threats. An incredibly upbeat person, it appeared like Connie, starred by the Lauren Ridloff, is completed for inside Season ten, however, she managed to create the woman refrain and walk into Season eleven.

thirteen Hershel Rhee – 12 months 9 Event 1

When he and his awesome mom produced its go back towards the end of Seasons 10, Hershel Rhee try played of the Kien Michael Spiller. Today nine years old at the time of Season ten, Hershel with his mother spent their time off of Hilltop providing other groups on the South.

12 Nabila – Year seven Event thirteen

An old resident and you may gardener of Kingdom, Nadine Marissa’s Nabila is actually a likable reputation and you will charmed group immediately the first time she arrived on-monitor. Nabila is partnered so you’re able to Jerry, Ezekiel’s right-hands guy in addition to two of them enjoys about three children together with her.