This is the way Used to do it:

This is the way Used to do it:

The labyrinth was a very simple maze, you just pull the latest grey package throughout the base correct spot to the top left.

Get off the space and you can double back to possess an effective cutscene to your guide being stolen

Directions Up to the first junction – left – all the way down – left to the first junction – up – right – up to the first junction – up once – left – and finally up The completion of this puzzle opens the left side of the desk where the Book of Apologies is. under an elusive AW lock.

After conference Olivia, look at the city about the brand new phase to find the museum and you can correspond with Teegan totally

Regarding woods, after the thief escapes, read the floor very carefully, bring planes pass stub and you will AW secret. Second Nancy will get a trip regarding Deirdre Shannon, in need of assist in Salem (HINT: the 2 instances are linked!)

Following cutscene, step out of the car and you may go into the home with Deirdre, fulfill each other Teegan and Mei Parry. Cam every convos with all of letters.

Go out that have Deirdre and you can enter urban area. Observe the newest magic tell you about square, after that talk to Olivia.

She will make you a pass having Olivia’s mind-led witch concert tour. The fresh new metropolitan areas of one’s witchtour enjoys a symbol of a good raven sitting on a department, wrapped in a group. Two of the places come in this new art gallery (This new Conducted Souls Of your Salem Witch Samples plaque into wall structure and the females puritan sculpture in the middle of new room); you’re in the pub on the rectangular, as well as the other individuals are on the cemetery.

If you want to complete the game’s optional jack-o-lantern puzzle, you make them here at Teegan’s desk. There are twelve candles scattered throughout the town. Jack-O-Lantern Locations 1.) Museum – Left side of Teegan’s desk, next to the flyer stand 2.) Town Square – Roger Conant Statue 3.) Town Square – Olivia’s Stage 4.) Town Square – Haystack across from the courthouse 5.) Town Square – Courthouse Stairs 6.) Cemetery – Big tree in the center 7.) Cemetery – Praying statue at the Unknown Graves 8.) Parry House – Window in Nancy’s room 9.) Parry House – Kitchen Counter 10.) Parry House – Front Steps

11.) Luminous Infusions – Counter (Note: this can’t be over until once Nancy suits Lauren) a dozen.) Hathorne House – To the left of the carriage House staircase (strengthening left of Hathorne Domestic)

Come back to the town rectangular, and present the fresh admission Teegan offered one to Olivia. A supplement could be added to Nancy’s index. To consider the fresh new tablet, right simply click they; to use it for the a hotspot on concert tour, just click it from the inventory to get it to-be the mouse cursor and click into the raven symbol.

Salem Sinkholes – The police cordoned town ahead of Olivia’s phase (highway closed cues). To arrive at the fresh raven icon, go around for example you will the newest art gallery, turn around,

Accused Witched Art gallery – This one is in the museum: Once you get into it will be the plaque on the right wall surface called The fresh new Carried out Souls Of the Salem Witch Trials

Absolutely nothing Versatility Sculpture РSeveral paces for the cemetery, there can be a statue out of a female with childres (off to sites de rencontre gratuites des m̩dias sociaux the right-give side are engraved AW)

Shortly after completing Olivia’s witch tour, visit the courthouse to meet up with Judge Danforth. Upon typing, turn correct and you can wade ti the newest signed brownish doorway. Click the home to speak with the latest courtroom (through the home) completely.

Turnaround and you will check out the home reverse (you will find new bluish wall surface regarding Judge’s door). This is the attorney, Alicia Cole’s workplace. She’ll give Nancy good paperclip, go back to the fresh new Legal and ask for permission to select his secure, Communicate with him fully.