The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

If you work remotely or in an alternate work arrangement, chances are your team utilizes some sort of video calling or online collaboration tools such as Slack. However, these 2D tools aren’t always effective when it comes to fostering the connection and collaboration among team members.

This is why collaboration spaces that are virtual are so crucial. The most effective virtual spaces replicate the physical environment of an office with working stations, meeting rooms and common areas that enable teams to easily find one another. With just a few nudges or live chats teams can participate in natural communication and have spontaneous meetings that are similar to those found in an actual office.

Kumospace, the virtual workspace, helps reduce the need to meet by giving users the impression that they are “working next someone”. It also provides a range of virtual rooms that can be used for collaboration, ranging from sprint planning and 1:1 catch-ups, to project presentations and sales demos.

Switchboard is a different virtual collaboration tool that takes the experience of working in a workplace to an entirely new level. Its virtual rooms that are collaborative and canvas allows teams to be productive quickly, working together bullguard antivirus review on documents and browser-based apps. After the session is over, the entire work is saved so that everyone can go on where they began.

Other virtual spaces, such as Teemyco and Gather, help foster team culture by allowing people to know what their colleagues are doing in the virtual office. It’s easy to tell the status of someone working on a large project, giving a sales demonstration or simply taking a break.