Safe Uploading and Downloading Business Files

Secure uploading and downloading of business files

When sharing large amounts of data, it’s crucial that your file-sharing system is protected from malicious attacks. Malware is often disguised as a benign file with a benign extension like.jpeg,.gif or.bmp. This method allows hackers to bypass security measures and replace a legit file with one that looks identical but contains malicious code. It is recommended to utilize a feature that allows you to check the content of uploaded files by their extension.

You can configure your uploading system so that it checks the file type name and/or extensions to see whether they match with a known dangerous extension. This is best implemented in conjunction with other security measures. A defense-indepth approach is necessary to protect your service.

In addition to confirming file names and extensions, your uploader should also examine the content of the files as they’re being uploaded. This will keep fake or malicious documents from being uploaded and shared. This is especially important for sensitive files that may contain personal information or copyrighted data.

Mitchell, for example requires feedback from his partners on the marketing campaign. He uploads the campaign’s files to SimplePractice and then shares the link with his business partners. They can view the documents on their phones, tablets and laptop computers. They can even edit the document and observe changes synchronize in real-time.