He could be labelmates which have Track Wei Enough time and signed that have Huanyu Film for the 2016

He could be labelmates which have Track Wei Enough time and signed that have Huanyu Film for the 2016

Zhao Yi Qin

Star Zhao Yi Qin is another gradually ascending celebrity ever since the guy produced their introduction during the 2016 toward offense-thriller crisis “Memories Missing.” They are a scholar of the 15th abilities classification regarding the Telecommunications College or university of China. He come to obtain detection to own their help positions about historical drama “King isn’t Simple” additionally the modern intimate-funny “Accidentally in love.” Zhao Yi Qin’s prominence rose just last year from the historic crisis “The brand new Legend regarding Haolan,” where the guy starred Prince Yi out-of Zhao, a honorable, intimate, and you may devoted profile. The guy lured many visitors along with his good looks and you can acting event, even after staying in a for three years.

Zhao landed 1st best character on 2019 progressive romance drama “My Young people” where the guy gotten reviews that are positive to possess his portrayal of chill and you can magnetic but protective Lan Tian Ye, promoting their rise in popularity. 2020 try Zhao’s greatest season but really, just like the four of his dramas was most of the transmitted this present year: the newest historic romance “Phony Princess,” progressive personal funny “My Woman,” historic anticipation drama “Like Facts of Judge Foes,” in addition to thriller love “Consummation.” “My Lady” particularly try very well-gotten because it reunited Zhao Yi Qin and you will Li Jia Qi given that an enthusiastic onscreen couple having a moment big date. They in past times played brand new OTP into the “My Youthfulness.” We are able to anticipate viewing more of Zhao Yi Qin throughout the following progressive romance drama “Sweet-sweet” close to celebrity Ding Yi Yi.

Patrick Shih

We would not exclude Taiwan’s next generation star Patrick Shih (Shih Po Yu), that is and dubbed by the mass media and you can netizens given that “State’s Boyfriend” including Greg Hsu. Read more