Department out of jobs on Armenian traditional members of the family

Department out of jobs on Armenian traditional members of the family

Just before we initiate talking about the standard Armenian patriarchal family, let’s observe how this new Armenian old-fashioned loved ones is actually. Hayk Nahapet are the fresh ancestor of your own Armenians. He could be a collective picture of the brand new patriarch of your own Armenian family relations. He was in the middle of their sons, daughters and sons off their sons. Hayk had a new fascination with their forefathers and you will preserved the brand new philosophy sent because of the them. Their origin went on towards the a one-man-one-lady base, and the intergenerational thread try quite strong.

For the an excellent patriarchal family unit members 2nd generations observed new rules established from the their ancestors, exactly who consequently needed to citation him or her onto their descendants.

The standard patriarchal friends contained regarding the cuatro-5 years. It provided numerous years out-of sons of the identical dad having their wives, living underneath the exact same rooftop.

Relatives patriarch

The head of your own household members or the patriarch is the brand new oldest kid regarding family relations. The guy controlled besides the house of your household members, but in addition the fate out of family relations. The brand new patriarch had unlimited legal rights.

Every family relations was in control on the escort service Antioch patriarch due to their procedures; although not, the brand new patriarch wasn’t in control in order to someone. To solve family relations difficulties, the new patriarch consulted with other older people. Read more